Definition of Social Upliftment

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Social work should not only be performed, monitored and executed by social workers, it should be a community initiative whether we accept it or not children grow up literally and figuratively looking up to adults. Which basically means how we as adults behave around each other and the way we treat each other is mimicked by our children. Children are our future so therefore uplifting them socially can only help them going forward to build strong and cultured families thus resulting in proper communities.

Coming back to the definition of things we can begin at looking the first phase of analyzing the word social, we can say that social is the relation of human beings behaving towards each other in families, work environment, communities, cities, countries and finally the world. Socialness is also categorized into various sub categories mainly social classes, social problems and social issues. These categories help to segment socialness and thus assisting to tackle the hurdles that the human race or citizens of the nation face.

Then secondly let us look at what we mean by the word upliftment, this word speaks for itself as nobody wants to be down, when we are down we are at our worst state therefore we need to be uplifted. Upliftment can come in many forms for example motivational speaking, fundraising assistance, education, skills development and of cause spiritual upliftment. These are the ways society utilizes to uplift themselves from various situations, without each other we cannot lift up any community or nation.

Social change means when a group or community alters its ways for the development of that community. To assist social development we can use the initiative of child adoption, largely happens when a family can afford to take on a new family as a child in order to feed, clothe, house, educate and most importantly love the child. This normally creates better opportunities for that specific child going forward in order for them to make something of their lives.


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